The iFoodBank is open to the Public, for the FIRST time EVER.  Think about that.  This is proof that hard times are ahead.
Financial Collapse, The Student Loan Bubble, Not to Mention, WORLD WAR 3... is imminent.
Jay Rodgers,
Media Corespnodant, iFoodBank
"The Only people who can survive the coming disasters & turmoil, are those who have the knowledge and information IN HAND."
Survive the Coming World War 3 with PROPER PLANNING.
Don't assume your computer will work, or your cellular phone, heater, or any electricity.  Don't assume you will have the same luxuries as you do now.  Do not assume the Power Grid will be there for your comforts.  There are so many things you need to know to prepare and odds are, you know 3-5% of them.  Thats all.  Knowledge is Power and Ignorance is Bliss, in a stable world, but with what is coming, Knowledge IS SURVIVAL and Ignorance IS DEATH, Period.
You have procrastinated long enough.  You KNOW you have.  Do not miss another chance, you owe it to yourself and your loved ones to PREPARE for the uncertainty right on the horizon.  How many times do you buy things that you do NOT need?  Yet deep down, you KNOW you NEED this, so why wait?  
"Absolutely Stunning.."
Clarissa Harper
"I feel relieved now that I know this, its the best information ever."
Randy Nuygen
"I think you just saved my life, really."
Johnathan Reed
Please, Stop Procrastinating.  You Need
This Survival Program.  Just Follow the Steps provided WHEN it happens.
Do You Want Knowledge that will save your life?  
This world is hearing and seeing the last warning message from God. Weather you believe in that stuff or not, you know you Feel It.  

This program will teach you how to find and store supplies.  Show you Smart Hacks, how to store food without refrigeration.  You will learn how to form smart communities, as your neighbor cannot always be trusted.  You will learn how to make Smart Decisions at the right time.  Too many people fail here, make the wrong turn or decision and pay with their lives, we will teach you how to combat hazards.  

The chances are, you are a city person and when all comforts are taken from you, you will be lost.  But that can change with one simple choice.  This information will become YOUR LAW.   You will even get a First Aid Crash Course, and this knowledge will make you valuable to others groups too.  There is much more I can state, but thats the gist of it.   

We could offer this Freely, but we will not be valued if we do and we need funds to keep this site up and running to keep you all informed!  The good news though is, it is totally affordable.  We are open to the public for the FIRST TIME because the need is greater than ever. This is why we dropped our price from $997, to $497, to $197.00 and now, $39.00. Almost all profits are lost because we feel, the situation is dire and helping you and your family is a far greater mission. None of us will need paper money with what is coming, you do not need another pair of shoes... you need this information.  Get Instant Access below. 
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